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There are a couple of methods to find an assortment of 'cool' products that are waiting to be found at

Click on a category on the left hand side of the site. For example if you select ‘GIFTS FOR HER’, all the products that are available in that category will be displayed. For ease of convenience, you can browse for specific items by selecting the relevant categories.

Keyword search:
Keyword Search is very easy and very cool, use the Keyword search function on top of the home page to browse our 'cool' products or explore a particular item. For example if you are looking for a handbag, enter 'HANDBAG' in the search field and a list of available items with little pictures will be displayed and just click on the product you wish. You can refine your search by entering 'LEATHER HANDBAG': this will display all the leather handbag products found on the site. Select the particular item and further information about the product will be presented.


How can I view products?
Whenever you view products in one of the categories, a selection of merchandise will appear on the site. This includes an image of the product and a brief description. You may select an option to add the item to your shopping cart or view the product in greater detail. If you select this feature to view the product, the image of the product will be enlarged and further information about the product features will be provided.

How to purchase:
For any product that you wish to buy, select 'ADD TO CART'. This will select the item into your shopping cart. A new page will appear, showing your items selected for purchase and at this stage you can click on the little tag under the product name and you can select a option for gift wrapping and you can also type in a message and we will add a little card to that product, please note: if you don't require gift wrapping please leave it blank and just continue with the purchase.

Also at this page it will ask you to select a delivery type and it will give you few options to select from and also how many days it will take to arrive, please note: just keep in mind to allow a day for despatch.

If you wish to change the quantity of any of the products selected, enter the desired amount in the quantity box, or if you wish to take the product out of the shopping cart, simply select the ‘DELETE’ button.

If you wish to continue shopping but are not ready to checkout, click on the ‘CONTINUE’ button. This will take you back to the shopping site. When you are ready to proceed to checkout, click on the 'CHECKOUT' button and then follow the instructions and fill out the customer details and delivery address sections in order to complete your transaction.


How do I contact customer service support?

At, we strive to provide a quality assured online shopping site with great customer support, please contact us by submitting the online enquiry form, and we will get back to you asap.


How can I place an order? accepts orders online only, thru our website.

What form of payment is accepted?
We accept these credit cards, Visa, Mastercard & Amex. We also offer payment by PayPal, and also direct EFT deposit, no cash payments at this stage.
What happens after my order is placed?
Following receipt of your online order, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your purchase. Please retain this email as your proof of purchase.
Please note: Make sure the email address you provide is correct otherwise you will not receive your purchase receipt.

If you pay by credit card, your transaction will appear on your credit card statement as [Coolgifts]. Once your order and payment have been processed, all you have to do is just sit back and wait for your cool gifts to arrive! This should take a few short days.

Can my purchase be sent to another address?
Yes and it’s simple! Our easy-to-use online shopping cart will guide you through the process. Once you have decided on your items, you will be asked in the checkout process for a delivery address. Enter the details of your preferred address here. You may select a different address for each individual purchase that you make.

Can I cancel or change my purchase?
Yes, as long as your order is still being processed and has not been despatched, we should be able to modify your order accordingly. Please contact us by via email as soon as possible to advise us of this change.


How secure is
We want you to feel secure when shopping at Our online security is with GEOTRUST QuickSSL for incription. We guarantee customer satisfaction and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee as a commitment of our quality assurance.

How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?
Customer returns and exchanges must be sent no later than 30 days from the date of purchase. Please return the item unused and in its original packaging, and the cost of the item will be credited. Please note that postage and handling charges will not be refunded and shipping costs will be incurred by the customer for exchanged items. For more information regarding refunds please click here.

How does prices compare to other online stores?
We maintain that our goods and delivery charges are competitively priced against other retailers. We support our high-quality products by offering a full and unconditional refund policy, efficient shipping and professional customer service. We regularly monitor our competitors’ prices to ensure that you are getting the best prices.


Is there a gift wrapping service?
Not at this stage.

Can I become a member and is it free?
At, you can subscribe to our newsletter for free and receive regular updates and information about our latest products and promotions. There are no membership gimmicks at and everyone is considered a valued customer.

How can I submit my testimonials?
You are always welcome to send in your testimonials and your comments may be published on our website. 'Many thanks for your time"